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Vision Statement

We envision a state in which all youth and families are safe, healthy, educated, supported equitably and provided opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Mission Statement

The Governor's Juvenile Justice Commission (GJJC) strives to positively impact youth and families by promoting individual opportunities through state and local partnerships, emphasizing evidence-based, trauma informed, and culturally competent practices. This will be accomplished by enhancing collaboration, sharing information, leveraging resources, and providing leadership and expertise to policy makers.

Recent Updates

Nominations are open for the Tony Maggiore Youth Excellence Award! The deadline is August 30, 2024.

Eligible youth are:

  • Between ages 16 to 28 years old.
  • Previously under the jurisdiction of the juvenile justice system.
  • Have made great strides, despite previous involvement in the juvenile justice system, in overcoming obstacles to improve their life and their community.

The GJJC supports the provisions of the Governor’s 2023 – 2025 State Budget proposal that address juvenile justice reform. These proposals include important substantive changes that benefit Wisconsin children and are long overdue, including much-needed evidence-based alternatives to incarceration and community-based services. 

The GJJC sent a memo to the Wisconsin Legislature in support of Assembly Bill 48 and Senate Bill 55, relating to prosecuting or adjudicating delinquent a person under the age of 18 for committing an act of prostitution. This legislation, also known as Safe Harbor legislation, is designed to steer young victims of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking away from delinquency. 

The deadline to apply for the Youth Program Evaluation grant program has been extended to March 3, 2023.