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GJJC Youth Commission

The Governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission (GJJC) is the State Advisory Group (SAG) for Wisconsin and works with Wisconsin Department of Justice to implement the Federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA). The Commission looks to support youth across Wisconsin and improve the juvenile justice system. The Commission recommends policies to the governor and state legislature and advocates for more and better programs and services for youth.

Commissioners are people from diverse backgrounds: rural, urban, government agency workers, nonprofit staff, community advocates, and law enforcement officials. Commissioners can be young people (under 28 years of age), especially young people who are or have been involved in the juvenile justice system. Youth Commissioners’ insight about what they need and what works are essential to the Commission's work. This insight makes better policy.

    How to Get Involved

  • The Youth Voice Commission is an opportunity for young people to learn, raise their voice, and effect change on the local, state, and national juvenile justice system! Young people between the ages of 14-28, especially if they have had experience within the juvenile justice system, and they are interested in making their voice heard, are invited to join the Youth Voice Commission!


    Youth who participate in the Youth Voice Commission will have the opportunity to:

    • Use their unique perspective, knowledge, and experience to make change in the juvenile justice system
    • Engage in professional and academic development with adult professionals
    • Collaborate with other youth to make their voices heard
    • Build their resume
    • Gain leadership experience
    • Get compensated for their participation
    • Learn about how government works
    • Learn about the juvenile justice system

    Who can join The Youth Voice Commission?

    • Young people between the ages of 14 and 28 and their adult advocates[1]
    • Young people currently or previously involved in the juvenile justice system
    • Young people with an interest in making the juvenile justice system better


    • For every third meeting attended, youth will receive a $50 stipend as compensation for participation.

    When and Where are Meetings?

    For interested adult juvenile justice or government professionals: To help keep this a youth-centric space, we would like to limit adult supporters attending without accompanying a participating young person. Please consider if there are young people you work with who may be interested in this opportunity and who you can accompany.

    [1] Adult advocates can include parents, grandparents, guardians, other relatives, mentors, social workers, or other adults in a young person's life that support their success!

  • Serving as a Youth Commissioner is an honor. As a member of the Commission, youth input and voting power is equal to every other Commissioner. Youth Commissioners have the same responsibilities as every other commissioner.


    • Attend virtual quarterly meetings
    • Take part in at least one subcommittee
    • Make and vote on motions
    • Bring your unique perspective, knowledge, and experience to the table


    • Compensation for attending meetings
    • Representing Wisconsin at national conferences or meetings
    • Build your resume
    • Receive references from commissioners for school or employment
    • Make your voice heard
    • Learn about government and the juvenile justice system
    • Gain leadership experience

    For a full description of the roles and responsibilities of the Commission as a whole and Commissioners individually, please explore the GJJC Member Handbook. The Coalition for Juvenile Justice Youth SAG Manual has even more information about State Advisory Groups and youth’s roles.

    If you are interested in becoming a Youth Commissioner, please contact Kiley Komro for more information or apply directly via the Governor’s Apply to Serve webpage.

    Kiley Komro

    (608) 716-9185