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About GJJC

The Governor's Juvenile Justice Commission (GJJC) serves as the State Advisory Group (SAG) and Wisconsin DOJ serves as the Designated State Agency (DSA), as required by the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA).  The SAG supports the DSA in administering federal Title II, Part B, Formula Grant funds and maintaining compliance with the four core requirements in the JJDPA. 

In September 2019, Governor Tony Evers recreated the GJJC through Executive Order #43.  The GJJC is comprised of juvenile justice professionals, including law enforcement, tribal representatives, corrections professionals, attorneys, judges, mental health practitioners, and non-profit organizations committed to youth programming.  

There are vacancies on the Commission, especially for individuals who are licensed mental health or substance abuse professionals, victim/witness advocates, and individuals with experience working with victims of sexual abuse. If you are interested in joining the Commission, please see the "Become a Member" tab below for more information.

The Commission is always looking for new youth members--individuals under the age of 28 and those with lived experience in the juvenile justice system. If you are young person and interested in joining, see the "Youth" page for more information. 

  • Vision

    The GJJC envisions a state in which all youth and families are safe, healthy, educated, supported equitably, and provided opportunities to achieve their full potential. 


    The GJJC strives to positively impact youth and families through a racial justice lens by promoting front-end reforms that prevent youth from becoming involved in the juvenile justice system.  This will be accomplished through trauma and evidence-informed interventions that invest in families, schools, and diversion-focused community-based programs. 


    The GJJC will utilize state and local partnerships, in conjunction with meaningful engagement with youth and families, to enhance collaboration within the juvenile justice system.  The GJJC will leverage state and federal resources and funding to support local jurisdictions and organizations to accomplish the goals of the three-year plan, as required by OJJDP, while providing leadership and expertise to Wisconsin residents, state agencies, policy makers, and the Governor on juvenile justice matters.

    Three-Year Strategic Plan

    Fiscal Year 2022 Title II Three-Year Plan

  • The JJDP Act requires the GJJC membership to include members that have training concerning adolescent development; the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency and the administration of juvenile justice and fulfill specific roles: 

    • Local government
    • Representatives of law enforcement and juvenile justice agencies
    • Representatives of public agencies concerned with delinquency prevention or treatment
    • Representatives of private nonprofit organizations
    • Volunteers who work with delinquent youth or youth at risk of delinquency
    • Representatives of programs that are alternatives to incarceration
    • Persons with special experience related to school violence and alternatives to suspension and expulsion
    • Persons, licensed or certified in Wisconsin, with expertise and competence in preventing and addressing mental health and substance abuse needs in delinquent youth and at-risk youth
    • Representatives of victim or witness advocacy groups
    • Tribal representation
    • Members that have been or are currently under the jurisdiction of the juvenile justice system
    • Members under the age of 28 when appointed
  • Are you interested in becoming a GJJC member? You may be eligible for a vacancy if you fill one or more of the following roles:

    • Person under the age of 28 with lived experience in the juvenile justice system or a parent or guardian of a child with lived experience in the juvenile justice system.

    For detailed descriptions of these roles, view the list of GJJC Membership Requirements. Please apply to serve on the GJJC by filling out the application on the Governor's Apply to Serve webpage.  

    Review the GJJC Member Handbook for details about the commission's role in administering the Title II grants program in Wisconsin, monitoring compliance with the JJDPA, the duties of commissioners, and general policies governing the body.